Your all-inclusive checklist of travel accessories

Are you bit by the travel bug pretty often? Travel sure does require some planning, and though it might be stressful for some, the memories of the trip are for keeps. With destination, travel dates decided, travel accessories aren’t far behind. Irrespective of whether you are a novice traveler or a seasoned world-wide traveler, you sure could forget to pack the absolute essential accessories required for your travel. It could be an international travel adapter, or tooth-paste, or even your underwear. Having a detailed checklist is vital for even the most meticulous packers. We have done our homework and come up with a comprehensive list of travel essentials. So make sure you browse through our check-list to travel hassle-free.

Must have travel accessories:

  • Travel Suitcase/Bag:

A simple yet sturdy suitcase that primarily offers ample interior space along with good quality material, zippers, wheels, and handles.

  • Zip locks:

A simple piece of plastic does wonders by keeping the liquids safe. Do keep a good toiletry bag to pack it all in.

  • Pill organizer/medicine kit:

Health is a constant worry, especially when you are not close to home. Always make sure you pack ample medicines (including your prescription drugs) for your trip. It is still better to be prepared rather be sorry.

  • Portable Phone Charger:

A mini power bank is a must need, especially with our current generation’s addiction to gadgets. A trip isn’t complete without clicking memories of it.

  • Universal Travel Adapter:

If you are traveling into another country, you can’t miss packing on this one. Electrical outlets are different all around the world, and you need to be able to charge your devices.

  • Noise-canceling headphones:

When one misses the tranquility of home and needs five minutes of peace to themselves, noise-canceling headphones are just the right gadget for it.


  • Neck Pillow:

Do you find it difficult to sleep on flights and car rides?  A neck pillow is your solution.

  • Torch:

These are useful when you go hiking, trekking or backpacking.

  • Water bottles:

Carrying water in your bottle is a safe thing to do when you are out on day-long activities.

  • Sunglasses:

Nothing works like a good pair of resistant, protective sunglasses. If you are going to be on the beach under the direct sun, make sure you pack your sun-screen lotion along.

Your list could have more things that what we have listed. Also, the list varies with the destination you are traveling to. Plan and pack your travel accessories to avoid last-minute panic. Travel smart and travel safe!