Fashionistas – A closet for every season

Having a variety of clothing in your closet indeed keeps your mood uplifted. Who would prefer the same boring stuff daily? Wearing a dress should instill joy in the person but at the same time, it is not necessary that only buying in huge quantity will fulfill this. If you are creative enough you can go for mix and match playful ideas. The same clothing can be worn in many different styles. So with minimum quantity you can keep people guessing about your designer collection.

   Denim shorts are always in trend as also denim jackets. They are versatile and a must-have in a girl’s wardrobe. A simple white laced or netted top can look great with the denim shorts. To add more you can pair it with lacy black colored tights. Add a cap on the top and a sneaker below and be ready to create your fashion statement.

    Cold shoulder tops are in rage now. Stock up with some floral prints, geometric prints and plain as well.  Regular denim pants can be the best fit for this.


A few pointers

  • Always try to wear loose-fitting garments in summer. Body huggers are good in colder climates only. A flowy dress can give you a light feel and can keep you active.
  • Be very simple in your dress choices. Even though certain styles are very attractive, they don’t fit the bill in summer. For instance, though a jacket on top of your vest or tank top may look good, it can cause discomfort in this season.
  • When it comes to clothing pay attention to accessories too. Wearing a hat with a wide brim can save you from the Sun’s rays.
  • Save your jewelry in your closet, it isn’t going to be of much use in summer. This may cause skin irritation when it comes in contact with sweat.
  • Choosing the right type of attire that is the latest 2023 style trends for winter is an important part of winter care since one can’t stay indoors always to escape cold. Layering your clothes is an easy tip. Wearing a turtle neck top keeps you fully covered. You can layer it up with jackets or blazers for extra warmth.
  • Body-hugging clothes can help in keeping warm. Try wearing stockings inside your denims for that extra comfort.
  • Always try to keep your head covered with a woolen scarf because winters can be too harsh on your hair.