10 supplements that make you smarter

In this article I bring you the real drugs of intelligence.

First check that you are not allergic and do not get to combine both.While you do not become the next Stephen Hawking these 10 supplement s food will give significant improvements to your learning abilities, memory, mental clarity and mood, which will help you be smarter : Even before taking these or any other supplement you should ensure that your health is optimal, you’re not allergic to any and, and this is most important, do not take them all at once, as the combination of two or more of these supplements, you run the risk of creating a cocktail effect in which profits can not work – and that you could actually make you feel worse.

1. fator genius : It is a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in animals, which is becoming a popular supplement – and not only because it increases muscle power to supply energy to cells in the body and help the growth of muscle fibers but because it also improves memory and attention span. 5,000 mg per day, or according to the recommended dose.

2. Caffeine + L-theanine : Caffeine alone is not a big cognitive enhancer. In fact, studies show that usually does not improve performance on learning and memory tasks, although its stimulant properties have beneficial effects on cognitive performance and mood, is temporary. But when consumed in combination with L-theanine, a common amino acid found in green tea, it does create more lasting and beneficial effects, including a boost to the memory of work, quick processing of visual information, and special attention switching (ie, reduce distraction). the reason for its operation is that L-theanine, can cross the blood-brain barrier and counteracts the stimulatory negative effects of caffeine, including anxiety and increased blood pressure . 50 mg of caffeine (which is about one cup of coffee) and 100 mg of L-theanine (green tea contains only about 5-8 mg of it, some people follow a rule 2: 1 in drinking two cups of green tea per cup of coffee.

3. Chocolate black (flavanols) : The black chocolate – or more accurately cocoa found in chocolate – containing flavanols, a phytochemical that has cognitive enhancing effects and positive effects on mood and cardiovascular health. It runs through the action of antioxidant molecules, stimulating cerebral perfusion and a number of other neurological processes in regions involving learning and memory. Although not as powerful as some of the other supplements listed here, the black chocolate is easily accessible and a luxury to eat. The darker and bitter better, because sugar counteracts its benefits. Optimally eat 35 to 200 grams per day of 90% cocoa chocolate.
4. Piracetam + Hill : This combination is probably the most popular battery used by fans nootropics. Piracetam improves the functioning of (ACh) transmitters and receivers. Although primarily prescribed by doctors for people suffering from Alzheimer’s , depression and even schizophrenia, it is used off-label by healthy adults as a way to boost the role of acetylcholine – which is an important neurotransmitter.

This smart drug also gives greater mental clarity, improves spatial memory, and increased brain function, the hill has to be ingested along with it. Choline is an essential nutrient soluble in water, which works with piracetam and is often used to prevent headaches sometimes associated with its use.

An effective dose is 300 mg piracetam 300 mg choline more tid (approximately every four hours or less).

5. Omega-3   fatty acids are a common compound found in fish oil (which can be consumed directly through pills fish oil), although it is best in fish and in nuts , flax seeds, and beans. It has been a staple food for the brain that has been used as a dietary supplement to avoid the effects of age – related cognitive decline, such as neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Although, it also has benefits in healthy adults including a better ability to focus and acts as a mood enhancer. Regarding the dose, about 1.200 mg to 2.400 mg per day should be sufficient (about 1-2 pills fish oil).
6. Bacopa monnieri : Found mainly in northern India, is a perennial herb Creeping that has been used for centuries to improve memory, learning and general cognitive performance ( in addition to its use as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic and sedative). The active ingredients responsible for these effects include sulfhydryl and polyphenols, compounds which reduce oxidative stress. A reasonable dose would include 150 mg of bacosides every day. And for those looking to improve their long – term memory, you may want to stack it with Piracetam + hill.
7. Ginkgo Biloba : It comes from maidenhair, a very unique tree native to China that has no family – what is considered a living fossil. Extracts of Ginkgo leaves contain flavonoid glycosides and terpenoids (ginkgolides, bilobalides) which are known for their pharmacological benefits, including its ability to improve memory and concentration. It can significantly improve the speed factor of attention in healthy adults, peaking around 2.5 hours after ingestion.
Other cognitive benefits include greater attention, greater speed memorization, and improve the quality of memory.Some studies, however, suggest that Ginkgo does not work well as an enhancer. Ideally, take a single dose of 240 mg or 360 mg daily.

8. Panax Ginseng (Asian Ginseng) has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, it is an extraordinary complement that reaches virtually all brands, which can be used to improve working memory, attention, quiet, State mood, and even reduce fatigue. It is a slow – growing perennial plant with fleshy roots – which can decrease fasting blood glucose and modulates cognitive performance in healthy adults. The recommended dose is 500 mg twice daily.9. Rhodiola Rosea : Can be used to enhance cognition and memory, but its real power comes from the way the feeling of fatigue and anxiety is reduced – which can certainly improve your overall performance. It is a plant that grows in colder climates, including Arctic regions – and has extremely beneficial phytochemicals that people of northern Russia and Scandinavia have been taking advantage of the years, the herb has an effect on the levels of serotonin and dopamine because inhibition of monoamine oxidase. Studies have shown that Rhodiola rosea can improve the overall level of a person’s mental health and stress – induced perceptual functions. Improves associative thinking, short – term memory, calculation, concentration and speed of audio-visual perception. As for the dosage, taking 100 mg to 1,000 mg a day, divided into two equal parts.

10. Salvia Lavandulaefolia : Found in Spain and southern France, and is an aromatic herb that enhances the function of acetylcholine. Studies have shown that it can improve memory and mood in healthy young adults, as well as having benefits for people with Alzheimer’s. It is also soothing, antioxidant, estrogenic, anti-depressant, and has anti-inflammatory properties. A reasonable dose would be 300 mg of dried sage leaf once daily.

How to become famous on Instagram

Instagram has more than 100 million users. This application of mobile photography and social networking encourages users to follow others and give “Like” photos so that users become recognized in the Instagram community. Successful users could be among the “most popular” and appear on the homepage of the website. You can learn to become famous on Instagram with Yesgram.com, then I’m gonna show you how to tell stories with your photos.

Part 1 of 4: Your account Instagram

  1. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 1

    Instagram Choose a name that is catchy and recognizable. Consider having a theme for your page and Build on that topic when choosing your name so people know what you’re trying to capture in your photos.

    • If you have trouble choosing your name, test generator spinxo.com/instagram-names names.
    • Do not be afraid to use symbols in your name. In some cases, symbols can help make the name more readable. However, try not to use more than 1 or 2 tokens so you can search by name.
  2. Become Famous Instagram image titled Step 2
    Use a photo of artistic profile. If possible, place an artistic photo of yourself instead of placing an object. This will help people to know your face. If you want to be famous, should not you care to put some personal things on Instagram.
  3. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 3

    Choose a topic. Choose one or more of your favorite pastimes. You can get out of your subject when you want; however if you have a page focused on sports, you will attract sports fans, and they will follow and support your photos.

    • Are you a fan of the food? Focus on photos related to it.
    • You love fashion? Focus on colors, styles and trends.
    • Like any game or book in particular? Take him photos and upload them to Instagram
    • Like a celebrity? Make all your profile based on that person! You can find other fans of that celebrity and form a community itself (for example, Beliebers, Directioners, lermaniacs).
    • Like you pretend to be another person or character? Instagram is the perfect place to do that. Become pass through your favorite and join other communities characters character. For example, if you like Naruto, you can make go through it and find other people dressed the same character.

Part 2 of 4: Taking pictures

  1. Become Famous Instagram image titled Step 4
    Learn how to use the application of Instagram as well as possible. Become skilled taking as many photos as possible and using filters. A instagramer famous is usually one who knows how to manipulate your photos in the best way possible.
  2. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 5


    Consider downloading an application to edit photos. Those with iPhone can use Snapseed or Colorsplash, while those with Android can use PicsSay PicsPlay Pro or Pro. Edit your photos before using the filters.

    • You should always make clear if your photos are edited. If you are honest about your skills and the changes you make, you will have less angry and criticizing fans.
  3. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 6

    Takes hundreds of photos. No need to upload all but if you want to become famous, you upload multiple at least a few times a week.

    • As with traditional photography, practice makes perfect when it comes to photography in Instagram. You can always be improved by using the application regularly and trying new things.
  4. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 7
    Add descriptions. They can be humorous or heartfelt. You must be informative but fun.
  5. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 8
    Become an artist. Experiment and get creative with your photos. Try a new angle, new combinations of colors and add models to your photos.
  6. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 9
    Discovered in person. If you have a blog or other online presence, share something else in your account Instagram. Let people know another side of you and your social networking profiles can work together but differ.

Part 3 of 4: Develop communities

  1. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 10

    Link your account with Instagram Facebook. You probably already have a set number of friends who are willing to follow. This will help you get started.

    • Consider adding location to your photos (geo-tagging) and link you to FourSquare.
  2. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 11

    Instagram Follow others. Be sure to discuss other photos and give “like” each time you access Instagram. It is very difficult to become famous Instagram if you do not interact with other users.

    • Respond to people who comment on your photos. Use their names and start a conversation. Thus you will gain more fans.
    • Felicita others for their successes. Think of Instagram as a community and not as competition.
  3. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 12
    Join contests. Contests are a great way to socialize in the community of Instagram and also allow you to promote your photos.
  4. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 13

    Use hashtags (pound sign). Pay attention to trends and uses hashtags in all your photos. Hashtags must be related to the picture. In this way, more people will see it and get more comments while in trends.

    • Hashtags used as #bueno, #dia, #megusta, etc. will help you get more “likes” and followers

Part 4 of 4: Advanced Procedures Instagram

  1. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 14
    Tells a story. Use your Instagram account to create a creative, original and honest story. This is a great way to get the fans back for more.
  2. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 15
    Develop a niche. If you see that people like certain types of pictures, take more than this guy. By adapting your account to the tastes of the people you will become famous faster.
  3. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 16
    The more fans you have, the more you have to interact. Unless you are a celebrity, you need to dedicate time and energy to become a sensation in Instagram.
  4. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 17
    Quality not quantity is required. Spend more time doing a daily photo is exceptional rather than publish 10 photos daily.
  5. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 18
    Contests. If you have a creative idea and have fans, starting to improve your profile and interaction by becoming a leader in Instagram.
  6. Instagram image titled Become Famous Step 19
    Follow up your rise to fame with Statigram and other tools to Instagram. You can view graphs of how your profile has improved over time.


  • When someone comments on one of your postings asking you to follow him in return for follow you, you accept. If you can not do, you decline politely. Follow other people can help you gain more followers and increase your popularity.

How to repair water damage in a flat

If your home has suffered a water leak unlucky, call water damage orange county immediately to get your house fixed or you can learn how to repair water damage on a plan will help you save hundreds of dollars in repair costs and finish. Because water damage affects all types of floor tiles, wood and laminate flooring, vinyl repair right technical floor on the right is the key to bring their plants in life.

How to repair water damage in a flat – Vinyl Tiles

Solutions linoleum tile or vinyl floors are some of the available and less expensive because they are among the simplest types of plants to clean and maintain, which are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens. However, it is used in wet environments like these also increases the risk of tiles affected by water damage, especially if the water is not absorbed immediately.

One of the advantages of linoleum and vinyl tile is the possibility of replacing the tile or tiles that are damaged; You not have to break the whole floor.

Start by checking the damaged with a knife or a vinyl tile cutter tile. Use a scraper to get one side of the tile and start tapping. In case of broken tiles, do not worry. Once you get the tiles to be rescued, scrape all the old glue off the floor and clean all the dirt. Wash the floor down with warm, soapy water and a clean sponge. Allow the soil to test and retest for adhesive or debris.

Depending on the type of tile (self-adhesive or glue down) have, as shown installation. Use a roller to ensure good adhesion tile made with the ground. If you are installing a tile with glue, clean the edges of the tile, wiping away any adhesive that came through the seams.

How to repair water damage on a wooden floor

Water plants and wood do not mix. Over time, water may produce unsightly white or black spots on the floor. Here it is how to fix the water damage in an apartment set up with real wood planks.

Use masking tape to outline the affected area. Remove the top layer of wax with steel wool, then go to a sandpaper 80 or 60 grit to remove surface finish, gradually changing grits to 100 grit paper Sanding wood all the way to the edges of the tape and clean the debris when finished.

Have a cup of hot water, add oxalic acid crystals (available at your local hardware store) and stir until the crystals dissolve. Continue adding crystals until melted more. Apply the solution on the affected area and let dry. Once dry, clean the windows and apply another layer of the solution. Continue this process until the stain is completely gone. Follow the instructions and safety information on the bottle of oxalic acid crystals. Wear gloves and eye protection when using this product.

And seal the affected spots so that matches the color of the surrounding pavement area.

Repairing a laminate floor arch

Laminate flooring is full of demands that is waterproof, but do not be fooled; if the water sits on the floor long enough, it will buckle. The biggest problem with repairing plank flooring is always out. The panels are locked together by a male and female so; to replace the area that is the deformation, the soil must be removed from the nearest wall to the affected area.

Remove quarter line round the perimeter of the nearest wall buckle down. With a small lever will help make this process easier. Since laminate floors are “floating” is not installed flush with the wall; must be a small space between the dashboard and the wall. Pull up the affected tables and remove any water damaged card area. Absolutely sure that no residual water on the floor or under the foam sheet. If there is water, put a dehumidifier near the area and let it dry completely before placing replacement joints.

Install planks replacement and return the original boards do not hit their places in the installation sequence. Reinstall the adjustment for the quarter and the job is complete.


Choosing the best accounting services?

Ipswich, bookkeeper brisbane offers the full range of accounting and accounting for small, medium and large enterprises.

If you own a large or small business considering outsourcing their accounting, stop that represent business services embody much more than tracking your finances. If you attach a real good service, which will be much more than a bookkeeping service will be vital partners it serves to optimize not only their income, but to design their monetary forms. Here is a brief list of benefits and services, you will be able to expect from a full-service counter.


1. Time
In fact, this is perhaps the most important good productive things to all services of a subcontractor counter provide. By taking responsibility for accounting, comptroller service effectively given more time to deal with what he does best to do and run the company. Accounting is absolutely necessary for business, but it is not a profit center, far and plays no role in driving sales and profits. And every time you devote more time to it operate is the time taken for participation in an activity that will generate sales or profits.

2. Monetary prediction
Using the monetary history of your company, knowledge of the accounting monetary develop models that allow you to play “what if” game to predict monetary achievement in the future.

The design 3. Taxes
Running your business to require advantage of the opportunity to dispel the obligations is often the difference between taking a loss and make a profit. Constant applies to the various indigenous fees and licenses. A knowledgeable service not only prepare your return, but will show ways to reduce your bill. Therefore, you must choose the best among the auditors to meet the specific needs that are much needed.

4. Real-time reporting
unit area Gone are the days of receipt of the monthly reports of their accounting department. In today’s business environment you want to understand what you are financing instantly and that’s what the accounting knowledgeable service provided. Thanks to the ASP technology you will be able to access your account radical secure server and access all your reports at any time and from anywhere at any location with an online association. Choosing the best among Accounting Ipswich, which contains more of the services analyzed.

5. made ​​to receive reports
its accounting can help you create reports, be your specific business. Profit and loss statements, sales reports, asset reports, are often designed to present data in a way that you want the best value of your position.

6. Help with lenders
a tip, however strong and competitive economic times, is that the growth in the business areas of accounting in the background could not participate. Aid applications for loans or lenders may introductions is an example of the “new” services offered by several companies. Loan applications are often daunting and confusing to many business owners, so the accounting department provides valuable help to ensure that the correct and better monetary data are provided in the program. Overall business management articles, the best among financial services can give your small business more positive.

Caring for your wife or girlfriend during pregnancy

You’ve just discovered that your baby is on the way! Either a surprise or planned, you have to think about what you will do. There are some practical ways to plan ahead for the arrival of a new member in your family ways.

 Here are some steps made by Gyn nyc to follow:


  1. Image titled Take Care of Your Wife or Girlfriend During Pregnancy Step 1
    You must be friendly. The mother of your baby is going through various physical and mental changes. Tell her you love her and make her feel comfortable, even during times of pain and stress of pregnancy. You may feel overwhelmed.
  2. Image titled Take Care of Your Wife or Girlfriend During Pregnancy Step 2
    Make a budget. There are many expenses with the arrival of a new child. Do not stress with the large number of accounts that are to come, but rather separates some savings for the future. Diapers, food, doctor visits and a bedroom for the baby are all that should be considered as necessary.
  3. Image titled Take Care of Your Wife or Girlfriend During Pregnancy Step 3
    Take a class. Learning about your baby’s development and delivery of the woman you love will help you with any fear or concern. There are many methods, such as “Lamaze”, “Bradley” or hospital program to help you understand what to expect.
  4. Image titled Take Care of Your Wife or Girlfriend During Pregnancy Step 4
    Get some advice. Remember what you were like as a child. Your mom and / or dad went through this with you. Others have been there, done the same and can help you with questions you have about the new being that is coming.
  5. Image titled Take Care of Your Wife or Girlfriend Step 5 During Pregnancy

    Look at the ultrasound images, if they have any. It will help you gain a sense of reality about what is happening in the womb. A small heartbeat, the tiny fingers and toes. Many things are happening!
  6. Image titled Take Care of Your Wife or Girlfriend During Pregnancy Step 6
    Take care of yourself and your wife and your son. They need to get a lot of nutrients, such as protein and folic acid. Also make sure you stay hydrated and fit.Your wife or girlfriend will need your strength during her pregnancy, when she gives birth and during labor.
  7. Image titled Take Care of Your Wife or Girlfriend During Pregnancy Step 7
    Read an article or a book on how to welcome a new baby. There are many sources about a baby being developed.


  • Buy flowers, helps paint the baby’s bedroom or travel. The first four or five months pregnant normally considered to be safe for travel. If possible, accompany your wife some of the time you go to the doctor. You can express your concerns and ask questions.
  • Be sure to also participate in this. Do not let you get hurt or you stop one side because you’re the father.


  • Be simple and patient. It may seem that this period will never end. Do not panic if you feel sick or in pain. Ask council your doctor or midwife, or listening in class what to do during emergencies. Anything is possible!

Top 10 favorite films of 2015


Welcome once again to blog dear readers! It’s over a year and with this we will devote two weeks to the top 10 traditional as it had already mentioned in the last post, so here’s server to show your personal list of the best movies I enjoy over last year and wonder So that it will top next week? Well I think it’s too obvious when it turns to see the blog and seen the other main sector to which I dedicate reviews besides the cinema, although I must say once that top will be very different from the usual counts the best of year but hey, leaving aside scheduled next week to spend a few clarifications of today’s post.

First of all say that this top is a purely personal opinion, so as I did last year emphasize the title of the post, “my favorite movies”, ie, that to me I liked and as you know all people have different opinion, so some of the films that stand in the count maybe to you readers have them mediocre or similar even bad and equally movies that you have enjoyed Maybe in my case was not, but anyway, I’m sure people will come to read open mind and understand that this list is purely subjective.

Second, some readers who have the time reading to notice that several of the films placed in the top never has dedicated a review on my part and that’s because I was very pressed for time this year, so many premieres me I lost in his day and was until this past month I was more idle I started like crazy to see the films that made ​​me missing, so in fact many of the participants from the list of just saw so have the memory cool to talk about them, I doubt write reviews of these in a short period of time as new releases are coming and as you will see in my next week there are several reviews backward to occupy space in the blog, but do not doubt that in a subsequent re viewing them talk to detail. Finally, mention that the list is based on releases that occurred throughout the year in Mexico due to this as they will realize there are several movies of 2014 that are present and it is due to release in my country gave Until last year, also for readers who like to read my previous top 10 here I leave the link: Top 10 favorite films of 2015 , very well having said that, let us begin! Besides, to enjoy these movies at the best quality, please visit projectfreetv.

Although the post is called top 10, I would like to add three honorable mentions, which are:

  • ANT MAN.

This year was calm talking about the issue of sub genre of superheroes, something that will be addressed in this crazy 2016 where there will be plenty, but speaking the 2015 truth is that Marvel again had no jurisdiction, on the one hand the highly anticipated Avengers Age premiered of Ultron, however, although I personally did not know enjoyment as little to me as much as its predecessor, it is why the winner of the year in this genre was a movie that nobody gave their bets in its favor, considered by many without even been released as “the first failure of Marvel” once after her, showed that those who thought so were wrong, a smaller Avengers adventure, but much more human, charismatic characters especially the duo Paul Rudd Michael Douglas , action scenes that were well-run and highly creative by using the powers of character for my Ant Man brings back the charisma of the first Iron Man movie and this is placed in my top 5 best movies personnel Marvel. Full Review.


Read the girl on the train pdf book here.


The maligned at the Oscars last year, something very amazing when you look at the level proposed here, a portrait crude and distorted to the extent that borders on the morbid about the American dream and the way to do where a Jake Gyllenhaal eat the screen in an exercise where only shines, we are certainly talking about the best actor’s work and I personally feel a tremendous injustice that you will not recognize this immense work even with a nomination, but leaving that aside, one great movie and say turning at around its protagonist, a complex character at a time as you admire for their ideals and in the next scene you hate for your actions, and finally a script and direction proud by Dan Gilroy .

Now, here are my 10 chosen and I would like to recommend you to watch series online on the official site of xmovies8 for the highest loading speed.


It is noteworthy that this was the last movie I saw last year, that is, just last week and the more I thought after finishing more I liked it, I’m not a big fan of the biopic, most follow the same schematic way and tend to magnify the person you are talking, however, Steve Jobs led by the famous Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin (the same as The Social Network) manage to get out of the routine, in a film that is based on three specific moments in the life of Jobs and that deal with three of his most famous releases, because this particular story a fantastic address takes place almost entirely within rooms, offices or behind the scenes despite this Boyle combined with an exalted assembly and a script that decays in a few moments make it a movie that entertains although based only on the conversations of the characters also add to this a Michael Fassbender is impeccable as Jobs, despite physically little resemblance presents, is in his performance, his tics, his accent, which becomes completely in character, beside a fantastic Kate Winslet which already missed a film that returns to the caliber and talent so great actress.


Perhaps the film that made ​​me laugh in the cinema hall during the last year (along with this at number seven), a Blockbuster of those who do not abound too, with a plethora direction by Matthew Vaughn especially in the action scenes (someone can be removed from the mind the fantastic fight within the church) to this is added a protagonist who is quite charismatic, especially during the final third a showing that Colin Firth is not only good for the drama but also for all that is his path including the genre of action and Samuel L. Jackson acted very on and despite this made ​​a hilarious villain more with that accent the actor decided to give further Vaughn comment as it moves away from the typical Blockbusters to use the “bad blood” and the black humor that characterizes much, personally, one of the best action films and comedy in recent years. Full Review.


I love turning to see the Top 10 and this past to realize that the genre of science fiction (one of my favorites) is in a time of great level, but at the time this post is a clear example of the terrible distribution in my country (the number two was also affected by the same) because this little gem even opened in theaters instead went straight to DVD and Blu-Ray, we have a more personal film so to speak Somehow, because its director is not interested tell another story of a future apocalyptic war between humans vs. machines famous but seeks to tell the relationship between these two people, between God and creation, therefore as “Steve Jobs “is a film that stands above all in his performances where we found only three actors and especially in the script and talks between them, the three actors emphasize mainly two great Oscar Isaac showing the talent that he has earned to be one of the most sought-after actors and a magnificent Alicia Vikander which is responsible for giving life to the AI ​​film, an actress who is beginning to carve out a very interesting race, although many viewers very critical final to me I loved the reflection which reaches its director on the ability to create an intelligence able to beat the human being, as I said before, the classic story of man trying to reach the site of the Gods.


A real treat, I’ve always liked the Guy Ritchie film, but his most recent film, I think it has become so “almost” crushing (do not forget the great Snatch) my favorite British director, a story of entretenidísima spies, with management action scenes in a sublime and frenetic editing that conveys that sense of adventure, turn some actors in a state of grace, we are again here to Alicia Vikander, if Ex machina demonstrates his talent for a more serious film, this demonstrates his talent for the genre of action, but that all the applause lead is the pairing of Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill, the latter who only know by its decent Superman work and his infamous role in Immortals, shown here can be an actor who oozes charisma and someone to be reckoned with in future projects, to complete a fine soundtrack that works with high accuracy for both the action scenes to the comedy. Full Review.


A favorite by the public during the Oscars past and now I understand why, released during the first months of 2015, it was not until last month when thinking of this top I got to see a frenetic editing that leads to the fall the obsession of the protagonist to reach the level of their “heroes” individuals, in turn pushed to the limit by a teacher that the word “strict” you fall short, prompting their students by mockery and degradation to according to their ideals take the best of them and interpreted by a plethora JK Simmons fairly was awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for this comprehensive paper, beside Miles Teller also perfect, with a performance full of intensity, that my eyes must have been nominated for best actor but the latter did not happen, the actor shows his best side, completely detached from their lousy job in Fantastic Four, although good at the latter had much to do around the production group and address for such a disaster, but Whiplash returning to full blast, and intense film that is immediately recorded in the memory of those who see, note that this list definitely has the best soundtrack of the year, a delight for lovers of jazz and music in general and that end, I remain speechless before so close to the film and leave the audience wanting more.


The first example of the new draft Netflix, with the idea of innovating the competition with the film and change the way you release a film, produced and released by Netflix in the month of October, the film has a great advantage with this decision and it is the fact of moving away from what is considered “politically correct” for release in theaters, has only a few weeks to talk about it in the blog and as I said in a few words I can be considered one of the best war movies recent years, a raw and without lids showing the degree of cruelty and dehumanization that cause wars and worst of all, history shows us in the eyes and behavior of a child with a creepy evolution, debuts with Abraham Attah powerful performance at such a young age (unforgettable that final monologue) accompanied in turn by an immense Idris Elba, who made ​​a real monster and memorable villain, certainly in my personal opinion must be both nominated for Oscars this year, it is assumed that the film had limited commercial release in cinemas looking for just the latter, we’ll see, finally mention that has an almost hypnotic address with scenes ranging from the beautiful and the horrible (referring to the crudeness of the images) by Cary Joji Fukunaga. Full Review.

  1. HITMAN.

As I mentioned in my review of Crimson Peak, in the month of November I had very little time to devote to the movies, I only saw two movies at all this month, was the last work of Guillermo del Toro already mentioned and the other this magnificent thriller The best of the year, but the truth had not difficult, most thrillers I saw in 2015 or were very mediocre or simply were not up to it, Sicario brought to my attention the existence of Denis Villeneuve, director which has been praised a lot lately and that has already some pretty interesting behind movies, if the voltage is so well managed as in this one, no doubt that I have to wear to immediately see his films, but talking about Sicario the address is magnificent, Villeneuve says the plans as a true master and puts us squarely in the situation of the protagonist, a great Emily Blunt (I admit I’m partial to the actress, one of my favorite current film scene) accompanied by Benicio del Toro in one of his best performances and a charismatic Josh Brolin, in turn add tremendous Bso accompanying images and beautiful photography, a pity that the film portrays one of the harsh realities being experienced by my country.


Failing to see the latest film by Mamoru Hosoda “The Boy and the Beast” and the much lauded “Anomalisa” (I hope both will premiere this year in Mexico, though I doubt it) the best animated film of the year is without a doubt the first of two films that Pixar brought in 2015. Inside Out is wonderful, perhaps your initial idea is not very original to say because it has been used in many cartoons, animated shorts, etc. But that skill is Pixar deal as human and adult themes in his films what becomes more and now would not hesitate to consider it within the top three studio productions, only to see the’m settling in third place in my top 10 and it should be noted that the following is not even in 2015, a film that I think the adults enjoyed more to those who return suddenly to remember his childhood and the best moments of his life, turn the saddest, is that as we see, both are fundamental to our personal growth, a film that proves once again (and few are) the animation does not have to be just for kids, but can reach playing much deeper feelings and memories of the greatest.

  1. Snowpiercer.

Christmas gift I will grant Netflix, here it is, finally saw Snowpiercer, a film of 2013, Can you believe it! More than two years ago! Since I saw his impressive trailer, the band network of course, I knew I had to see it, since the genre of science fiction is one of my favorites and when used as a criticism towards the man and his politics through the use of apocalyptic future, this time humanity is living inside a train unable to leave the planet. Awesome movie, everything is almost perfect, master address by Bong Joon Ho (that’s how you should use slow motion), some actors in a state of grace especially three Tilda Swinton, Song Kang-ho and unrecognizable Chris Evans shows that he has talent to be a great actor, impressive monologue at the end where he reveals his character’s past, a hard film and in its action scenes façade encloses a tremendous criticism of the human being, what He is able to do in the worst situations and way of regulating problems through ideal costumed instilled in young minds, social inequality accompanied by the classical ideal of “the strong living at the expense of the weak” and wonder why the you put on top if you saw this on Netflix? Because of the “great” distribution of my country came up with the idea to release this film until the second half of 2015 and for hard top only a week (so it does not reach to see it) through Netflix, if you have the platform or They have the film on DVD or Blu-Ray do not hesitate to give it a viewing, certainly unforgettable final that even reminded me of my favorite anime (which What is this? Perhaps in the future will reveal top).


And here is dear readers, the privileged to clinch the coveted top spot as the best of the year, although many already imagining what would be the triumphant return of Max after so many years, a movie surrounded by controversy and problems during filming and yet was the real surprise of 2015, the film was released in the month of May and since then no other managed to get to their level, yes I agree, it’s not great and his argument is too simple, after all, story is just a chase back and forth, but is that Fury Road is “something else”, for me the film meant an experience, I remained in my seat with his eyes open wide with excitement intact along each of its minutes, as if I were a roller coaster up and all that thanks to a perfect direction by George Miller, the best action scenes in recent years and surprised many with CGI to a minimum and only used for the funding and some scenes, most “crazy” seen in the film were made ​​of truth and it is this way of making films to the “old” without relying on both the computer what makes it so real and addictive , also this helps the charisma of his characters most especially the two main characters, a huge Charlize Theron would not hesitate to compare his furious Imperator with such strong and memorable female characters as Connor Ripley, and that is true for Tom Hardy, a beast of actor, who literally becomes Max and I daresay even came to like Mel Gibson Mad Max wins the first place because this is what I mean by “Cinema” so immersive experience that you literally forget everything that is around you and get involved with the adventure that’s telling you from the beginning to the end of its projection.Full Review.

And this is all dear readers, have noticed that I explaye much in several films, but is due to the same, I doubt there reviews sooner that I was lacking and that’s why I wanted to take the opportunity to talk a little more of these without further by adding a 2016 fraught with very interesting releases are coming, one can only wish to be a year as good as or even better 2015.

Are you a good photographer?

If you could define a good photographer, how would you define it?

You could respond: as the photographer taking pictures I take dream, or a photographer has a team that is better than a car.

Surely everyone has their own definition, but for us, based on our experience  good photographers:

1. They have very few technical errors.

There is a big difference between being a good photographer and be technically competent photographer. You can become of those who know how to adjust the aperture or speed or use focus points to take a correctly exposed, sharp picture, but good photographers that already have integrated as part of their nature, have practiced and studied enough to gradually modify the camera controls and knowing when selecting the right speed for sharp results.

This leads to that instead of deleting pictures that have poor exposure or went blurred or out of focus, rejects images for aesthetic reasons, either because the composition is not adequate, the expression of the person does not convey what he wanted either, that does not like the background I had.

Supermarket-9_f03ec794fa6dce35c4dfa016329920dd1Photography by: headshots boston

2. Do not give much importance to the camera.

They know that the team is important for certain occasions and specific jobs, but, despite having the best camera that has come on the market at that time, they may well take extraordinary pictures with compact camera of the couple or the same cell, in if you have any camera at hand they can achieve very good results.

nick-laham-yankees-bathroom-iphone-shootPhotography: Nick Laham

3. They resent not have a camera at hand.

For them it is important to always have a camera available (either your camera or cell) because they think something is always happening are good observers and they know that at any time can be the perfect picture. They understand that the photograph has to be done and plan it, but are surprised by what they happen every day and are ready to capture those little moments that generate great memories.

timthumb.php_Photography: actualidadiphone.com

4. They worry about the light.

Good photographers are concerned almost all the time by the light. They are constantly asking me where I can place to have a good exposure ?, what camera settings I use to give you the best exposure ?, I can do with this shadow brand ?, how I can use these rays light for my photography more interesting ?.

While not as experienced photographers are happy taking a portrait at noon under the sunlight, the best photographers use the shadows, use the flash as fill or are released to achieve backlit photographs.

Taking pictures at the beachPhotography: Andreea Iancu

5. They select more carefully the photos to be shared with others.

Only the best photographers share their best pictures, they are rigorous in selecting their material and are usually very critical. Much of the time they spend processing your photos to achieve the result they are looking for, taking into account both the technical aspects and creative.

They know they take a lot of very bad for the best photograph photographs, but when you manage to invest the time to leave disclose and perfect and that’s the only shared, all the bad stuff that was used to achieve that picture ends removed computer and camera. How would the legendary landscape photographer Ansel Adams, “Having twelve good pictures in one year is a very good harvest. ”


6. take longer to take a picture.

Patience and persistence are two qualities many good photographers share. Good photographers first explored the scene until they find they like, once they find a table they like the time to take the picture at the right time are taken. In many cases long periods of time waiting for the light to be adequate or if they can, back at another time, sometimes taking hundreds of photographs of the same scene until they get the they were seeking.

A photographer inexperienced at times like these might take the photograph with the light and the elements that are or siemplemente leave.


7. They worry about the background.

Take a picture without paying attention to the background can ruin  completely the picture. Whether you have many distractions, be an element that is not in the context of the picture, there is an interesting element in the background is wrong positioning and affects the composition of the photo, etc. This poor choice of background can distract the viewer and make him lose interest.

So a good photographer always on the lookout for what’s behind the main item, say an example, imagine that you are taking photographs of the bride and groom at the wedding, and without realizing it behind them  out balloons in half, if you know how to use Photoshop so you see you can fix those pictures, but to spend time on the issue if you could have corrected paying more attention to the background.

bokeh-photography-0010F otografía by: Ed McGowan

8. They are masters in digital development.

The best photographers know that a photograph camera output is not finished, even if you have taken very good exposure, always processed in the computer to make improvements, such as adding contrast, crop it, leveling the horizon, set the temperature or the balance white. They understand that programs like Lightroom or Camera Raw are necessary to achieve the results you seek.

I could tell you unequivocally that over 80% of the pictures you have seen of famous photographers who have won a prize having a digital development (postprocessing).

lightroom5Photography: objetivovalencia.es

9. know perfectly the rules of composition and know when to break them.

Make the composition of a photograph is the first thing a good photographer does, keep in mind the rules of composition that have practiced enough to know when to use them and when to break them time to generate greater interest in photography. Good photographers do not break the rules by accident, they always have an intention behind and do so with a specific purpose.

Scott StulbergPhotography: Scott Stulberg

10. Best photographers surround them.

Great photographers always have friends who are also very good photographers. They know that being surrounded by top talent, have a support system, a source of inspiration, a set of constructive critics and above all, a large group of friends who share a passion. Good photographers take pictures while enjoying themselves also like to travel and share with other photographers, supporting and living together.

10001419_10152285785887790_1056657109_nPhotography: Omar Corona

You have a list that we believe are currently the best photographers in the world:

1. Joe McNally.


2. Steve McCurry.


3. Scott Stulberg.


4. Toby Keller.


5. Damon Winter.

Winter Demon

6. Nick Brandt.


7. Jean-Yves Lemoigne.


8. Steve Winter.

Steve Winter NGM

9. GMB Akash.


10. David Pullum.


You might also like to know the 55 maxims of a good photographer .