Are you a good photographer?

If you could define a good photographer, how would you define it?

You could respond: as the photographer taking pictures I take dream, or a photographer has a team that is better than a car.

Surely everyone has their own definition, but for us, based on our experience  good photographers:

1. They have very few technical errors.

There is a big difference between being a good photographer and be technically competent photographer. You can become of those who know how to adjust the aperture or speed or use focus points to take a correctly exposed, sharp picture, but good photographers that already have integrated as part of their nature, have practiced and studied enough to gradually modify the camera controls and knowing when selecting the right speed for sharp results.

This leads to that instead of deleting pictures that have poor exposure or went blurred or out of focus, rejects images for aesthetic reasons, either because the composition is not adequate, the expression of the person does not convey what he wanted either, that does not like the background I had.

Supermarket-9_f03ec794fa6dce35c4dfa016329920dd1Photography by: headshots boston

2. Do not give much importance to the camera.

They know that the team is important for certain occasions and specific jobs, but, despite having the best camera that has come on the market at that time, they may well take extraordinary pictures with compact camera of the couple or the same cell, in if you have any camera at hand they can achieve very good results.

nick-laham-yankees-bathroom-iphone-shootPhotography: Nick Laham

3. They resent not have a camera at hand.

For them it is important to always have a camera available (either your camera or cell) because they think something is always happening are good observers and they know that at any time can be the perfect picture. They understand that the photograph has to be done and plan it, but are surprised by what they happen every day and are ready to capture those little moments that generate great memories.


4. They worry about the light.

Good photographers are concerned almost all the time by the light. They are constantly asking me where I can place to have a good exposure ?, what camera settings I use to give you the best exposure ?, I can do with this shadow brand ?, how I can use these rays light for my photography more interesting ?.

While not as experienced photographers are happy taking a portrait at noon under the sunlight, the best photographers use the shadows, use the flash as fill or are released to achieve backlit photographs.

Taking pictures at the beachPhotography: Andreea Iancu

5. They select more carefully the photos to be shared with others.

Only the best photographers share their best pictures, they are rigorous in selecting their material and are usually very critical. Much of the time they spend processing your photos to achieve the result they are looking for, taking into account both the technical aspects and creative.

They know they take a lot of very bad for the best photograph photographs, but when you manage to invest the time to leave disclose and perfect and that’s the only shared, all the bad stuff that was used to achieve that picture ends removed computer and camera. How would the legendary landscape photographer Ansel Adams, “Having twelve good pictures in one year is a very good harvest. ”


6. take longer to take a picture.

Patience and persistence are two qualities many good photographers share. Good photographers first explored the scene until they find they like, once they find a table they like the time to take the picture at the right time are taken. In many cases long periods of time waiting for the light to be adequate or if they can, back at another time, sometimes taking hundreds of photographs of the same scene until they get the they were seeking.

A photographer inexperienced at times like these might take the photograph with the light and the elements that are or siemplemente leave.


7. They worry about the background.

Take a picture without paying attention to the background can ruin  completely the picture. Whether you have many distractions, be an element that is not in the context of the picture, there is an interesting element in the background is wrong positioning and affects the composition of the photo, etc. This poor choice of background can distract the viewer and make him lose interest.

So a good photographer always on the lookout for what’s behind the main item, say an example, imagine that you are taking photographs of the bride and groom at the wedding, and without realizing it behind them  out balloons in half, if you know how to use Photoshop so you see you can fix those pictures, but to spend time on the issue if you could have corrected paying more attention to the background.

bokeh-photography-0010F otografía by: Ed McGowan

8. They are masters in digital development.

The best photographers know that a photograph camera output is not finished, even if you have taken very good exposure, always processed in the computer to make improvements, such as adding contrast, crop it, leveling the horizon, set the temperature or the balance white. They understand that programs like Lightroom or Camera Raw are necessary to achieve the results you seek.

I could tell you unequivocally that over 80% of the pictures you have seen of famous photographers who have won a prize having a digital development (postprocessing).


9. know perfectly the rules of composition and know when to break them.

Make the composition of a photograph is the first thing a good photographer does, keep in mind the rules of composition that have practiced enough to know when to use them and when to break them time to generate greater interest in photography. Good photographers do not break the rules by accident, they always have an intention behind and do so with a specific purpose.

Scott StulbergPhotography: Scott Stulberg

10. Best photographers surround them.

Great photographers always have friends who are also very good photographers. They know that being surrounded by top talent, have a support system, a source of inspiration, a set of constructive critics and above all, a large group of friends who share a passion. Good photographers take pictures while enjoying themselves also like to travel and share with other photographers, supporting and living together.

10001419_10152285785887790_1056657109_nPhotography: Omar Corona

You have a list that we believe are currently the best photographers in the world:

1. Joe McNally.


2. Steve McCurry.


3. Scott Stulberg.


4. Toby Keller.


5. Damon Winter.

Winter Demon

6. Nick Brandt.


7. Jean-Yves Lemoigne.


8. Steve Winter.

Steve Winter NGM

9. GMB Akash.


10. David Pullum.


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