What you need to know about the ceramic skillet handle cover

The ceramic stoves are increasingly present in the supermarket shelves, in magazines and especially in kitchens … ..and so in mine! You know me now and you know that all cooking utensils are in my hands.

I bought it, it was offered and after a few months of use, it’s time I talk to you . I do a lot of research on the internet and I read a lot of topics on different forums dedicated to cooking. That’s how I noticed that the ceramic models are simply ousting the famous Teflon stoves.

Ecological, without PFOA …… but shrink I will not reveal all of you immediately . To learn more about my new stoves, follow the guide!

My favorite stoves

So as usual, I test several stoves of different brands before I get an idea and especially before you talk about it.  Although I do not appreciate them as much as their big sisters stone stoves , 3 ceramic models come out for me of the lot for now. I will give you a short summary and will explain later in more detail my impressions (yes I like to make last the suspense).

The Tefal Ceramic Control Induction

This stove has a diameter of 26 centimeters. So you can cook a lot of food with this ceramic- coated model inside and out . It is compatible with all lights including induction. Non-stick , it allows to cook without fat.

  • My opinion :

When she saw it, she seemed very fragile. Why? I do not know, an impression simply. So I used it in distrust. So I recognize that she got me well and that for once, my first impression is not the right one. It is light, handy and has excellent heat distribution.

1st tie) Pradel Premium Set of 2 stoves & 3 pans Aluminum / Ceramic 

This lot by Pradel, a brand that I appreciate very much , includes 2 stoves as well as 3 pans. They can go on all fires so induction . They of course have a non- stick coating . Green, these stoves have a thermal indicator for perfect cooking control.

  • My opinion :

So to make it simple: j’adoooore  ! I have been using them for several months now and they have not moved! And I love Change Color technology . Thanks to the ceramic, no food is hooked even after many uses. The dream! In addition, the price is very advantageous therefore even better!

Ceramic Skillet Set TV Unser Original

This set includes 2 aluminum stoves with a black and whiteceramic coating . They go on all fires including induction. They are non-stick and therefore allow to cook without fat . The skillet handle cover are ergonomic for optimal maneuverability.

  • My opinion :

I like the aesthetics of these stoves. I find them simply beautiful. But it does not do everything and it is not what we are interested in today. I used these stoves a lot. Great especially for making vegetables and small for anything omelette, chopped steak, fried eggs. The heat is well distributed , the cooking is fast and the stoves do not hang . It is therefore very easy to cook without adding oil or butter . They deserve their place in my Top 3 of my favorite stoves!

Tips and tricks on using ceramic coating stoves

Among the tips I can give you on using this type of stove, there is for example the fact of not letting it heat empty . From time to time, put some oil in the frying pan for longer non-stick effectiveness. Always allow the stove to cool before immersing it in water for cleaning. This could damage the coating by immersing it in hot water. Do not forget that with this type of coating, do not use the abrasive side of the sponge and avoid using knives and forks in the pan.


I think, like the specialists, that we can leave behind the famous Teflon stoves for ceramic stoves . They keep the promises of the manufacturers and when the right model is found, it is difficult to do without. Their asset? The fact that they cook perfectly at medium heat . The food is seared or cooked according to our needs and for me, this technology is a good argument to be tempted by ceramic models .

The best tandem Kayak

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