Rental vending machines: coffee vending machine Choose wisely

Find a vending machine for your business is a complicated task.

If you intend your employees and customers have proper coffee service and quality, you should spend some time looking for the coffee machine for rental singapore and lace and more that will guarantee quality service.

These are the steps you should keep to make the best choice

Estimate the consumption forecast

It is to calculate the number of expected daily coffee . This estimate is important because it will indicate the type of coffee machine that most you agree us. Statistics say that every employee takes an average of 1, 6 coffee about a day.

Select the type of machines and product

The more complex the coffee machine, the higher the cost of their maintenance and consequently the greater the number of coffees or drinks required.
If you do not want to pay anything for the use of the machine it is always advisable to start with a simple machine vending, single product, coffee for example, while you ensure good service.

Coffee maker 5-15 office employees.

The most desirable are the express coffee pods

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Coffee machines for 15-25 empledos

Coffee Machines with simple features. They are automatic, but the benefits are very basic.

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recommended $1000 coffee makers and Coffee machines for more than 25 employees

The machines vending has a level of sophistication. They have more variety of products, (decaffeinated, tea etc) give change monedad etc.