“The Locksmith” Missing a turn of the key

The protagonists are male, but the pillars are the female characters.

Trailer of "The Locksmith"

Trailer of “The Locksmith”, see more at www.jtautosecurity.co.uk/

A fantastic detail saves the locksmith to be a more than many Argentine films showing aimless dalliance of a young listless: this young man has a job, locks and unlocks while outside, he will open the doors of perception. At the precise moment he is struggling with a rebel mechanism, out of his mouth accurate judgments about people who hired him or his associates. Something like an oracle sponsored by Trabex.

This supernatural twist comes to break the atmosphere of neighborhood costumbrismo and gives it a special aura to a film is basically about the isolation. Sebastian (Esteban Lamothe) has a stick of friends, but, as usual, with them does not talk about the issues that really concern you.It has a amigovia, but can not tell nor, perhaps, say to himself what he wants from / with it. Nor does genuinely connect with his sister and father.

In this desert truncos links, incomplete, Daisy, the other appears bright detail the locksmith . The connection established with Sebastian goes beyond words: it is the only naturally take that gift for him is a curse.And it is also the only one who seems to understand the locksmith. The two form a charming odd couple that transcends social and cultural differences.

While the protagonist is a man, the pillars of the film are the female characters and the actresses who embody them. On the one hand, the Peruvian Yosiria Huaripata, a revelation, building a credible, warm, tender creature. On the other hand, Erica Rivas, the actress of the moment, which shows his versatility with a remote deranged girlfriend of Wild Tales record, but equally effective.

Natalia Smirnoff temporarily placed his second film as director (the former was Puzzle ) in 2008, when Buenos Aires became unbreathable by smoke. A good idea, arises from a personal incident that occurred at that time He was locked in his house, but that is not justified dramatically: beyond the characters are constantly complaining of the smell, the atmospheric phenomenon does not adds nothing to the plot.(And it was not as mysterious as a fact they pray titles principle was caused by the burning of grasslands in the Delta, in the tug of war between the national government and rural sectors around 125 resolution).

This is not the only wasted or underexploited idea of ​​a film that has many good moments and characters, but not end to go thoroughly. To put it in terms of the trade: despite the skill with which manages picks, to the locksmith needs to make a twist.